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16-05-2009 16:17 16-05-2009 16:17

This project is able to learn and answer questions using OpenCYC. It's fascinating. It can really answer questions using a vast database of common knowledge questions (for that was what CYC was intended to be). And yet, you can see immediately that the answerer is a machine, because it makes no difference between normal responses and totally farfetched ones.

Watch this(!):

Dec 23 14:19:04 <linas> lb:who is lincoln?
Dec 23 14:19:12 <lillybot> Abe Lincoln is a famous person. He is a thing that exists in time. He is a male person, who is a famous person. Abe Lincoln is a man. He is an ethnic Caucasian. He is an United States president, who is a historical figure. Abe Lincoln is an One of the presidents of the United States. He is a dead organism.

Funny. And yet it's not. Truly an eye-opener to me!


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