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I will use this space to collect some information on human-like Cognitive Architectures. I will focus on those structures that are meant to create or mimic the highest level of (synthetic) Cognition. I am interested in the question of how different cognitive faculties can be combined, and in the question of how these modules cooperate to form a whole Person. The structures I will consider should have the power to give you an impression of how the human mind may be constructed.

In describing these architectures I will focus especially on the following aspects:

  • Describe the research group behind the architecture.
  • What cognitive faculties are integrated by this architecture? On this website I am not interested in the structure of the cognitive faculties themselves, but merely in the way they inter-operate.
  • What does a picture of this architecture look like? The picture will mainly describe the structural properties of the architecture.
  • What types of information are exchanged at this architectural level? Describe the temporal qualities of the architecture. If a cognitive system is  a hybrid: a combination of symbolic and connectionist (or subsymbolic)  modules, what does the information these modules exchange look like?

These are the architectures: