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Article "Semantic Web Marvels" in Chinese mag. "Programmer Magazine"

17-10-2009 13:12 17-10-2009 13:12

A month ago I received an e-mail from Xiaogang Guo (Guo is his first name), editor with Programmer Magazine (visit using Google Translate), China's largest software development magazine. He asked me permission to translate and publish Semantic Web Marvels. I welcomed his request and asked him if he could send a copy of the magazine. This was followed by some more correspondence in which he pointed out a small error in the article (which I fixed) and asked for a small description of myself and a picture. I heard nothing from his for a month and so I contacted him with the question if the article made it to the magazine. He enthousiastically replied that it did, and sent me these pictures:



I am glad that the article has received a large audience, because I believe its ideas are worth spreading. China's software industry is really just starting up and is open for new ideas. Really cool to be a small part of this.

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